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August 30 2017

Fast weight loss diets have become fashionable because they are short and effective diets. An excellent way to start dieting is with the diet to lose weight in two weeks, because in 15 days it is possible to notice your progress and lose at least 5 kilos. This time I will show you how to take the diet of the two weeks to burn fat naturally and without fear of rebound.
The first secret to fast weight loss without going hungry is the combination of food. You can eat many green foods, have a full feeling and just gain calories that turn into fat.

In fact certain foods allow you to burn more calories than the ones they bring, and all that without starving.

The second secret to blogofweightloss.wordpress.com losing weight in two weeks is protein. They are responsible for the formation of up to half of tissues. They provide amino acids and help the formation of gastric juices, essential for assimilating food.

Benefits of Fast Weight Loss Diets (Dissociated)
It is free of carbohydrates that cause obesity
It is healthy and nutritious
You can follow the time you want
Unlike the diet to lose weight 5 kilos in 3 days has no rebound effect
It fills you with energy
Improves liver function
Protects against heart disease
Purification in organism
Low calories
Diet plan to lose weight in 2 weeks
Every morning breakfast will be the same. A green smoothie in which you can alternate the ingredients to give it a different flavor every day:

Half avocado
Half Kiwi
1 cup of espicana leaves
Celery Leaves
Half banana
For the preparation liquefy all the ingredients with water, natural juice without sugar or oats. For a delicious touch add a teaspoon of coconut oil.

To sweeten you can use some natural sweetener, stevia or spirulina powder. That yes, do not exceed 3 grams or half a teaspoon.
On the green salad
In this diet to lose weight in 2 weeks we will include salad as a permanent dish. The green salad should be prepared with these ingredients: Cucumber, lettuce, tomato, beans, onion, pepper, sunflower seeds, sprouts, carrots. You can season with oil and vinegar but hardly splash without abuse. And if you want to add salt that is just a pinch, and only in case you really prefer it. Between meals you can also drink green tea or Tibetan tea for even more slimming.

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